• How to Deal with Harmonics?
    Post time: 2019-04-24

    The root cause of harmonics generation in power system is due to nonlinear load. When the current flows through the load and does not have a linear relationship with the added voltage, a non-sinusoidal current is formed, that is, harmonics are generated in the circuit.... Read more

  • Plasma Power Supply and Plasma Torch
    Post time: 2019-04-17

    Treatment of domestic garbage and hazardous waste: such as medical waste, antibiotic dregs, nuclear radioactive waste, refractory metals material field, biochemical sludge and tank bottom oil, sludge, waste lubricants, marine sewage oil, HWO2 and other 18 hazardous waste.... Read more

  • Brine treatment and Water Desalination
    Post time: 2019-04-03

    Both SCR rectifiers & IGBT rectifiers are available for this application. IGBT based rectifier(IGBT=Insulated gate bipolar transistor) is the youngest one of high voltage switch family. A 15V high-impedance voltage source facilitate control current flow through the device which can achieve a lower c... Read more

  • GERE Participate in Solid waste treatment & Effluent Treatment
    Post time: 2019-03-28

    The 15th edition of 2019 China Enviromental Protection Expo opened in Chengdu exhibition center during 21-23 March 2019. The theme is about Solid waste treatment & Effluent Treatment, Chengdu General Rectifier Research Institute take part in this exhibition as a solution provider for hazardous solid... Read more