1.What’s your products range?
We customize rectifiers and power supplies with any specifications. We have rich experience in manufacturing high-power electrical equipment.

2.As for rectifier, which cooling mode is better, air cooling or water-cooling?
The environment where the rectifier will be used and output power determines the best type of cooling. For harsh, corrosion, sealed or high temperature environments water-cooling is better. For the lower output power (e.g. current below 4000A), air-cooling is more economical and practical.

3. The countries equipment had been exported to?
Now our products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions like USA, Germany, Australia, Singapore, India, Brazil, Iran, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and Malaysia etc.

4.What’s after-sale support overseas?
We promise to make immediate response for users’ notification, providing online consulting and fast trouble shooting service for free in the rectifier’s lifespan. We’ll arrive at site in 24-48 hours if cannot solve the problems by email or phones.

5.Warranty & documentation?
5.12-month warranty for non-human damage, free for part replacing, excluding non-breach damages such as earthquake;
Drawings, parts details, operating manuals will be provided with the equipment.

6. Is it convenient to pay a visit?
Yes, our company & factory locates in Chengdu, China, near Chengdu airport.

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