Company Profile

Chengdu General Rectifier Research Institute, is a joint-stock private enterprise set up in 1994. Aims to provide customized power solutions upon request, offering rectifier/power supplies for civilian industry, aviation, ship, weapons, metallurgy, chemical industry, and national labs, etc.

Now our team has 73 personnel (29 in production & quality control department, 20 in R&D enginering department, 14 in marketing, 7 in administration & purchasing, 5 in logistics service)

We are active in these areas:
1)DC power supply for power plant, hydropower plant, nuclear power plant, power sub-station, metallurgical industry,etc.
2)Water treatment(Electrochlorination,electrolytic flocculation,ozone generating)
3)Plasma ignition(power plant boiler ignition,solid waste incineration ignition)
4)DC Electrical heating
5)Electrochemical surface treatment(Metal plating,anodizing,micro arc oxidation,electro polishing)
6)Aluminium,copper Industry
7)Mining traction
8)Railway traction
9)Aircraft industry
10)Electronic Vehicle Fast Charging

Products can be found best fit for your power business:
1)SMPS(Switch-mode Power Supply)
2)Thyristor Power Supply(SCR)
3)Pulsed Power Supply
4)HVPS(High Voltage PS)
5)Medium-Frequency PS
6)Modular PS
7)PLC ontrolled Programmable PS
8)Special PS

Collaborate with: Alstom Power (GE power), Simens China, SMS SIEMAG GROUP, De Nora Water Technologies etc.

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