Customer Reference

  • 1. Modular design cathode protection rectifier 3800A/7.5V —— for the customer of Alstom power, operating in a Iranian power plant

    2. IGBT based rectifier with deionized water cooling device 6000A/50V, for a customer in Iran, operating in electrochlorination sector

    3. Oil-immersed Silicon rectifier 3200A/120V for a customer in Philippines, operating in brine electrochlorination sector

    4. High frequency rectifier 6000A/12V, for a customer in Turkey, operating in electroplating sector

    5. Silicon rectifier 6000A/100V, for a customer in Iran, operating in metal electrolysis sector

    6. DC electric heating power supply 15000A/80V, for a customer in China, operating in steam piping heating sector